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[Beautiful sentence] 36 sentences, people suddenly suddenly open. Share with you!
1. What is the name of the world?
Can enjoy the best, can withstand the worst.
2. What is the standard for making friends?
The wise man who was born, the strong person who entered the world, or the ordinary person of normal sunlight.
3. How do you define "Think clearly?"
"I want to be clear" is what happened in the future. I can only condemn myself and never complain about others.
4. “Don't let the child lose on the starting line” does it make sense?
It is the source of tragedy in life to compare with others for a lifetime.
5. What can be done to improve the quality of life?
Throw things regularly.
6. What do you know when you most want to be young?
The inner feelings are more important than the outside.
7. Is it more appropriate to take tuition to study or travel around the world?
Without sufficient knowledge, even if you travel thousands of miles, it is just a postman.
8. What is the perfect love in your heart?
There may be imperfections.
9. What long-term foreign life has changed your "right and wrong"?
A lot of things are just different, no right and wrong.
10. How to make this world a better place?
Let yourself be better.
11. What things in foreign countries make you feel better than staying at home?
Got the sky and lost the earth.
12. How do you know that the other person is someone who can be with me for the rest of my life?
Qian Zhongshu has such an evaluation of Yang Lan and is regarded as a model of ideal marriage:
"Before meeting her, I never thought about getting married; I have been with her for so many years and have never regretted marrying her as a wife; I never thought about screening other women."
13. How to refute the "reality point, this society is like this"?
What are you, what is your world.
14. What is your understanding of freedom?
The ability to say "no".
15. It is also that others are stronger than themselves. Why do you sometimes have embarrassment and sometimes worship?
Nearly meeting, far away will worship; enough meeting, can not be worshipped; there will be conflicts of interest, no conflict of interest will worship.
16. Why do people usually respond when they see good photos? "It's really good. What camera are you using?" When you see bad photos, the jokes are often bad.
People are accustomed to attribute their success to themselves, to the failure to the environment, to the success of others to the environment, and to the failure.
17. What skills, after a short period of study, can bring great help to people's lives?
Praise others.
18. How did you get out of the haze of life?
Take a few more steps.
19. How to “do not complain”?
The self-knowledger does not complain, and the person who knows the truth does not complain.
20. Working for three years, 26 years old, but studying abroad for three years, is it worth it?
Ordinary players choose standard configurations, and high-end players choose custom configurations.
21. What kind of people live the happiest?
People who don't compare.
22. Why do people have to work hard in this life?
Let yourself have the ability to reject others and let yourself have more control over your life.
23. How can we become a very powerful person?
As long as you bury your head, you will naturally be left behind. In the end, you are naturally a very powerful person.
24. Where is the dividing line between the first half and the second half?
At this moment.
25. Have you heard the most lonely words, or what are the verses?
Unsatisfactory things are often eighty-nine, but there are no two or three.
26. Did you start learning writing, English, and music at the age of 30?
The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by the present.
27. What are the good ways to save money?
Before buying anything, please remember the nine-word rumor: You like, you need, you are suitable (applicable to many things, including feelings)
28. How do you understand the “integration of knowing and doing”? How to apply it to real life?
Knowing that you can't do it is not knowing.
29. What actions are easy to offend others, but they are not easy to detect?
Too other people are their own people.
30. What actions are wasting time?
Thinking without learning and hesitating.
31. If good people don't report well, why should we be good people?
We insist on one thing, not because it will have an effect, but we firmly believe that it is right to do so. - Havel
32. Why are some things just a little effort for others, but they are not willing to help?
Doing one thing is not because it is simple, but because it is worth it.
33. How do you think that “when you are young, you need friends, not connections?”
Without the purpose of communication, we can really touch people's hearts.
34. What are the examples of low emotional intelligence?
Respect for strangers and violent to others.
35. What is the most flaming word for your passion for learning?
You can't give this world to people who despise and despise you.
36. What is the reason that you read unbelief and can't listen to it until you have personally experienced it?
Never underestimate your ability and never overestimate your perseverance.
2. 你交朋友的标准是什么?
3. 怎么定义“想清楚了”?
4. “别让孩子输在起跑线上”有道理吗?
5. 做哪些事情可以提升生活品质?
6. 你最希望自己年轻的时候,该知道哪些道理?
7. 把学费拿来念书,还是环游世界更合适?
8. 你心中的完美爱情是怎么样的?
9. 长期的异国生活,改变了你的哪些“是非观”?
10. 如何让这个世界变得美好?
11. 国外哪些事物让你感觉还不如呆在国内?
12. 怎么确定对方是能一辈子和我在一起的人?
13. 如何反驳“现实点,这个社会就是这样”?
14. 你对自由的理解是什么?
15. 同样是别人比自己强,为什么有时会产生嫉妒,而有时会产生崇拜?
16. 为什么看到好照片时,人们通常的反应是“真不错,你用的是什么相机”?而当看到烂照片时,则往往笑话拍摄者水平很烂?
17. 哪些技能,经过较短时间的学习,就可以给人的生活带来巨大帮助?
18. 你是如何走出人生的阴霾的?
19. 怎样做到“不抱怨”?
20. 工作三年,26岁了,却将留学三年,值得吗?
21. 什么样的人活得最幸福?
22. 人这一生为什么要努力?
23. 要怎样努力,才能成为很厉害的人?
24. 前半生与后半生的分界线是在哪里?
25. 听过最落寞的一句话,或诗句是什么?
26. 30岁才开始学习写作、英语、音乐靠谱吗?
27. 省钱的好办法有哪些?
28. “知行合一”到底如何理解?又怎样运用到实际生活中?
29. 哪些行为容易得罪别人,自己却不容易察觉?
30. 哪些行为是在浪费时间?
31. 如果好人没好报,我们为什么还要做好人?
32. 为什么有些事对别人来说只是举手之劳,可他们却不愿帮忙?
33. 如何看待“年轻的时候需要的是朋友,而不是人脉”?
34. 情商不高的例子有哪些?
35. 最能燃起你学习激情的一句话是什么?
36. 有哪些道理是你读了不信,听不进去,直到你亲身经历才笃信不疑的?