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美句Beautiful sentence

Beautiful sentence
1. I don’t want to answer questions: look directly into the other’s eyes, smile, silence
2, walk up and look up. When you are in a bad mood, don't want to greet people, nod your head and smile.
3, please remember: the definition of a good friend is, you mix well, he is happy for you in your heart; you are not well mixed, he is sincerely worried for you.
4. Make your own decisions and be prepared to bear the consequences. Remind myself from the beginning that there is no regret in the world, and I will always have a plan.
5, the things within your own, try to achieve a hundred percent.
6. Accepting yourself is nothing but a “small me”, but you should be able to accept the “big world”.
7. If you love someone, please let go and give him freedom; if he returns, he will always be yours; if he does not come back, you will never have it.
8. Don't try to find any excuses for yourself. No one in front of the mistakes loves to listen to those excuses.
9. Don't lose your temper at will, no one owes you.
10, do not lie, because there is always a day to be dismantled.
11. Don't underestimate anyone.
12. You don't have so many viewers, don't be so tired.
13, the past things can not be forgotten, but must be put down.
14. What others say is in your head, and your own is in your heart.
15. The society is hierarchical. Many things are unfair. Don't complain because it is useless.
16. You are never as important as you think.
17. The problems that money can solve are not called problems.
18. Whenever you say "I love you", please be sincere. Whenever you say "I'm sorry," please look into the other's eyes.
19. Never take people by appearance, say slowly, but think quickly.
20, find some time, stay alone for a while.
21, not your own things, do not like it, you must know how to give up.
22, don't think that life is owed to you, in fact, I have not done enough.
23, work hard, and then work hard, and then work hard, the desire will be realized!
24, see through but not to wear. A lot of things, as long as you have a few in your heart, there is no need to say it.
25, happy, just laugh, let everyone know. Sad, pretend that nothing happened.
26, in the absence of violation of the principle, to be tolerant of others, can help, do not force people to perish, give people a trail.
27, happiness is the most important, who, what, what makes you happy, you are with them.
What makes you unhappy, you leave him. Without conditions, the conditions must also leave him.
28, do not always talk to your predicament in front of others to reveal your vulnerability.
29, there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect person, the key is to know exactly what you want.
If you get what you want, you will definitely lose another part. If you want everything, just nothing.
30. I like the phrase "a good fortune is a good thing."
31. Two people made a mistake at the same time. The party that stood up and shouldered it was called tolerant, and the debt owed by the other party was to be paid sooner or later.
32. If you don’t like it, you can report it with a silent smile. If you like someone, then you can do it.
Because your favorite will stop and can't stop it.
33. Don't be a hedgehog. If you don't hate people, you don't have enmity with others. No one has a lifetime. Some things don't have to be remembered.
34. While learning to compromise, we must also adhere to our most basic principles.
35. Don't stop learning. No matter what you study, language, cooking, and various skills.
36, money is very important, but can not rely on men or parents, they must maintain a certain ability to make money.
37. Don't overestimate your strength in the collective, because when you choose to leave, you will find that even without you, the sun rises as usual...
38. The past things can not be forgotten, but they must be put down.
39. Don't lose your smile even if you lose everything...
40. No matter what choices you make, don't regret it, because regrets don't help.
41. Don't say something too radical because of impulsiveness.
42. Don't make promises easily, and promises that you can't do are more odious than not.
43. Don't feel that you don't know and you will have love. When we don't understand, we just like it and can't reach love.
When the shortcomings of each other are exposed, many times this will end.
44, speaking can be very direct, people are very straightforward, always better than hypocrisy.
45. Be nice to yourself. When you are in a bad mood, don't think about anything. Go eat what you love.
1、 遇到不想回答的问题 :直视对方的眼睛 ,微笑、 沉默 
2、走路抬头挺胸。心情不好时 ,不想跟人招呼, 点头微笑, 径直走过 。
3、请记得:好朋友的定义是, 你混的好 ,他打心眼里为你开心 ;你混的不好, 他由衷的为你着急 。
4、做自己的决定,然后准备好承担后果 。从一开始就提醒自己 ,世上没有后悔药吃, 而我永远有个计划。
5、自己分内的事情 ,努力做到一百分 。
6、接受自己不过是个“小小的我” ,但眼里要能够悦纳“大大的世界” 。
9、不要随意发脾气,谁都不欠你的 。
10、不说谎话 ,因为总有被拆穿的一天。
12、你没那么多观众 ,别那么累 。
13、过去的事情可以不忘记 ,但一定要放下。
14、别人说的记在脑袋里, 而自己的, 则放在心里。
15、社会是有等级的, 很多事不公平, 别抱怨 ,因为没有用 。
16、你永远没有你自己想象中那么重要 。
18、无论何时说“我爱你”, 请真心实意, 无论何时说“对不起”, 请看着对方的眼睛。
19、永远不要以貌取人, 慢慢地说 ,但要迅速地想。
20、找点时间 ,单独呆会儿 。
21、不是自己的东西不要 ,就是再喜欢也不行 ,要懂得放弃 。
22、不要觉得是生活亏欠了你 ,其实是我做的努力不够 。
23、努力向前 ,再努力向前 ,再努力一下下 ,愿望就会实现 !