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[Aesthetic appreciation] Three reasons why life should be understood early
First, only tired, can only be idle.
A young colleague complained to me that I felt tired as long as I thought about things that I couldn’t do every day and I couldn’t finish my work.
Everyone wants to be relaxed, but the reality is that there is no work in this world. If you are blind and comfortable, it will only be counterproductive. And if we can accept the status quo and treat busyness as a normal life, we will find that we are happy and happy.
Many times, what really determines our mood is not the tired body, but the negative mentality. The more afraid of tired people, the more tired they live. Because they are unwilling to make efforts, they will not be able to change their status quo. They will look at them and feel that they are all people and things that are difficult for themselves.
It is necessary to admit that in the face of the pressure of life and the challenges of work, it is inevitable that anyone will be unable to do so. But positive people will choose to face the difficulties and face a variety of tests with a brave heart.
All the laziness stolen today will become a difficult future. Instead of being afraid of being tired and tired, it is better to learn to enjoy the harvest and progress in the busy.
What is really easy? After you are busy and tired, you have the ability to let yourself live a comfortable life; you know, you have done everything you can, even if you fail.
As there is a saying: When you know why you live, you can endure any kind of life. Going all out for what you want, although this process is very tired, it is the price that must be paid when you arrive in a leisurely environment. Not afraid of being tired, will not be tired of life.
The second is that only suffering, knowing sweet.
Someone asked online, why do young people have to suffer? One of the answers to the praise is: Because fate will give us setbacks before giving us gifts.
Deeply thought.
In fact, whether we are willing or not, there are some hardships in life that have to be eaten, such as the pain of learning and the suffering of self-discipline. Therefore, there will be such a feeling: everything is bitter before it matures.
The taste of suffering is not good, but only after hardship, we will become stronger and more persevering, and we will be able to cherish the hard-won sweetness. And if you are not willing to eat hard when you are twenty, you will have to suffer from life when you are forty.
One day, you will understand that the most terrible thing in life is never to suffer, but that you have chosen comfort in the age of hardship. In the end, I have to pay a heavy price for the time that was once ruined.
As the times have developed to this day, most of us do not have to experience material poverty. In essence, suffering does not mean “satisfying the bad,” but we must understand the setbacks and be self-disciplined and brave in achieving our goals. .
If you have suffered hard, you can enjoy the blessing. This is the fairness of life.
The third is that only after passing, Fang Ming.
I have seen such a story: a young man is in love, very sad, sitting at the river and crying. The fisherman saw it and went to comfort. The young people refused at first, saying that the fishermen could not understand their own suffering.
After listening to this, the fisherman was quiet for a long time, and then said to the young man: In fact, more than ten years ago, I also sat like this, sitting on the river and crying for the lost loved one. At that time I thought that the next life would only be gray. However, I am doing very well now. The happiness that I thought I could never get again is now available. Because since then, I have learned to cherish.
Over the years, this story has been printed in my mind. When I feel sorry for making mistakes, I remind myself that life has no way to go.
When people live forever, they want to take less detours, make fewer mistakes, and experience less pain. As everyone knows, these are the only way to growth.
All experiences, good or bad, are part of life and have their own meaning. After experiencing the injury, I know what kind of truth is needed. After I have experienced failure, I understand that I should take my own choices. After I have experienced my confusion, I can see what my heart really is.
I really like this lyric: "The years are a trip that has no return. The good and the bad are the scenery." Life is like a reverse travel, you and I are pedestrians. The roads that have passed, the tears that have fallen, and the baptisms that have passed through are actually to enrich our lives and bring us experience and wisdom.
If you don't read the world, how can you understand the world? The best attitude towards life is not to sigh for yesterday’s death, nor to worry about the unknown of tomorrow, to take the road ahead, and to be clear in front.