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Really powerful people are forced out!
Hurrying through half-life, and suddenly middle-aged. Gradually realized some truths and saw the warmth of people. Understand that people are forced out - the real strong, are "no help."
Everyone has the pressure, the pressure is overwhelmed, and after suffering, they win. Too much suffering is to change the pressure into motivation and let life "pressurize and forge ahead."
If there is no pressure, people will be lazy and slack off.
Zhang Jiajia wrote in "The Ferryman": "There is a glass of wine in front of each person, and each drink is finished. After the sea, people come ashore alone."
The society is very realistic. Others join hands with you. It is the driving force of interest. It is not really to help you. Some people love you, maybe they love your looks and money, not the inner heart that loves you. Someone helps you. Poor you, conscience is not going to go...
Life is a long river, the body is a small ship, wherever we go, we have walked through a period of life, from this shore, to the other side, and then step by step to the "end of the river."
In the river of life, someone walks with you for a while, some people just pass by, some people accompany you for a long time, but no one really accompany you "never separated."
Two people who are deeply in love, and one person will go first, and the one who stays is still alone.
People must understand that people who are truly powerful are helpless.
I don’t expect anyone to help you “cross the river” and do a good job of “preferring people”. Everything depends on “self-transfer”, which is the real rise of life.
By relying on mountains and mountains, relying on everyone to run, only relying on oneself, will never lose, big deal will come again.
In the long river of life, no matter where we put the "ship", there are ups and downs, even if it is calm, we still have to work hard to paddle, we can continue to move forward, when you are desperately advancing, some people cheer for you, but desperately The person who is moving forward is always himself.
On your own, where you want to go, go where you want; think fast, think slower and slower.
If you rely on others, you will hand over your destiny to others and pin your life to others.
If others secretly make a bad, the "ship" of your life is likely to subvert and sink into the river.
A truly powerful person will hold his destiny firmly in his own hands, and even if it is a stormy day, he will not beg for mercy.
Just like the one in Sailor:
"He said what it hurts in the storm, don't ask for tears, why..."
There is no reason in life. Only think about what to do, act positively, and let yourself sweat.
Falling down again and again, getting up again and again, everything will be fine.
You can walk and sway, but you can't stop and not go, you can't lie down and move.
Relying on others, you will always be chilling; even if others are a mountain, you can only admire and then "respect the distance."
Don't rely on who, if you have the ability, you will become a "mountain"!
When you are helpless, you are forced to do it yourself. It is often successful. The more you are persistent, the luckier you are.
When you are very poor, like a "canoe" in the middle of the river, wind and rain, all over the air, even if you shout, no one cares. When you are poor, don't be poor, you can save energy. Struggle; it is better to keep a quiet heart and think hard.
You must know that the poorest time is to use the "eat of milk" and toss one time. Don't ask for help again. It is useless.
Really powerful people are forced out.
Suffering, not complaining; tired, not tired; hurt, do not say pain.
In the face of adversity, laugh and not speak, bitter and not speak.
Don't complain that no one is helping you, maybe you are not working hard enough; don't expect anyone to help you, because the biggest person is yourself.
Others help you to be sentimental, not to help is the duty; others keep their points, what is the crime?
When you are bitter and tired, take a break and continue to move forward, and once again, you will always go to the "export" of life.
People are poor but they have to eat, and they will go out in the past.
Claire McFall said: "If fate is a lonely river, who will be your soul ferry?"
When life is the hardest and most difficult, it is the mind, not the body, that needs to be "ferred."
Others help you, but if you don't work hard, it's also "bad to the wall"; when you wait for someone to help you, you are waiting for "the sky is falling."
When your mind is slowly strong, even if one is helpless, it will be wonderful.
No one can redeem your soul, because the soul is unique and no one can think for you.
Others can comfort you, but only those who are out of the haze.
Others can give you a lot of gold and silver treasures, but can't give you real happiness, because happiness is your heart's inspiration.
The really powerful people are all helpless. They rely on themselves in the river of life to stir up the blossoming waves.
Instead of looking around for someone to help you, it is better to learn to walk alone, take the rudder, and desperately "self-transfer."